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Twin Skeletons – Giving The Crowd What They Want, Live at Retro Manchester

On the fourth stop of their Did You Get What You Wanted? Tour, Twin Skeletons played their first-ever gig up north, and I went to see what their bones are truly made of.

Followed by the pulsing openers and fuelled by how many people came out to see them so far from home, Twin Skeletons kick up the energy straight away. The first metal scream of the night happens during ‘Sick‘, an unreleased song, which gets the crowd going and pumped for the rest of the concert. Riding on the energy wave, the band plays a new tune with a tasty guitar solo. Midway through the solo a string breaks, but even that can't stop James, the guitarist. He plays one string down, like a real trooper. Amusingly, he's the first guitarist I've seen unable to restring his guitar himself. Coupled with him being left-handed, it takes a few extra hands on deck to put the string back together.

While we wait, the rest of the band decides, per request of a fan, to do a spontaneous Jazz jam, which the crowd loves. As an apology gift, the guitarist goes down to the pit, and even if not there for long, his presence is noticeable, sending the crowd into the first mosh pit of the night.

I’m always a fan of a good cover at a gig but I'm caught off guard when Phoebe, the lead singer, asks the crowd if anyone is a Britney Spears AND Slipknot fan. It’s an unlikely combination but the band pulls off a hard rock cover of the pop hit ‘Toxic’, that flows into the intro of ‘Duality’ by nu-metal giants Slipknot. But even more unexpected, is that after a slow groovy song, the band plays another cover: ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ by Bring Me The Horizon… and this one slaps! It is sung well, played with great energy and with the original track’s synths over the top. Overall, a great cover of a great song.

For the last song on their set, Twin Skeletons brings it back full circle ending on the first song they ever wrote and recorded: ‘Deadweight‘. A song that just when you think it's over, it jumps into one last push. It's the encore effect within one song, without the usual awkward walk off stage before one last hurrah.

Twin Skeletons are a welcome addition to Manchester’s alternative scene. Their EP Did You Get What You Wanted? gave us just that and more. I can’t wait to see what they do next in the studio. I’m sure they will pull a bigger crowd when they return to Manchester.




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