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'You Look Lovely When You're Living' by Lexie Carroll - EP Review

19 year old Lexie Carroll is a young musician taking the indie music world by storm. Her music is the perfect dreamy, soft, and melodic combination that’s full of emotion. With previous releases such as ‘violet’ and ‘growing pains’, it is no wonder that the artist has over 125,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, has played at multiple festivals, as well as opened for both James Marriott and Bears In Trees on their most recent tours. Her beautiful tone and meaningful lyricism has captured the attention of fans far and wide, and continues to inspire and empower others across the globe. 

Lexie’s most recent release is her brand-new EP called ‘you look lovely when you’re living’ which came out last week on the 19th June. The EP itself has a playtime of 21 minutes, comprising 7 songs, each conveying stories and emotions of their own. ‘you look lovely when you’re living’ transports the listener to their own dream-like world whilst simultaneously pleasing their ears and tugging at their heartstrings. It is a must-listen to for all fans of indie music.

The EP begins with one of the lead singles ‘sunflood’. Having been released on the 22nd May 2024, it has already managed to amass over 250,000 streams on Spotify, with over 10,000 videos on TikTok using the sound. Lexie herself says that it is a “song about friends and feeling warm” and that it is written about a very specific memory from last summer of her sitting in a sunny field with her friends. This summery feeling that Lexie talks about is most definitely felt throughout the song, captivating the listener through its soothing guitar and melodic harmonies as if they too are sitting in a field with their friends or alongside Lexie herself, on a warm summer's day. It is also worth noting that the EP’s title ‘you look lovely when you’re living’ is a lyric in this song, appearing in the second verse of ‘sunflood’.

Following ‘sunflood’ and filling the main body of the EP are 3 more songs that were also released prior to the EP coming out. The first of these is ‘it’s been a while’ which is the second track on the EP. Originally released on the 24th October 2023, this more upbeat track is certainly one to get the crowd dancing with its catchy beat and lyrics. Once listened to, you’ll be sure to be singing it for the rest of the day! The song also has its own music video which is available to watch on YouTube. Another song of Lexie’s that has a music video on YouTube, is ‘laundry detergent’. Released on the 24th April 2024, this is the third track on ‘you look lovely when you’re living’. Lexie describes that the song is about “liking someone’s company”. Going into detail in a video from her Instagram where she explains the behind-the-scenes of making the song, Lexie states that the song is about “that weird phase you go through when you start liking someone and you start picking up on random things like the smell of their clothing”. When listening to the ‘laundry detergent’, you can hear this affection perfectly portrayed by Lexie, and when accompanied by the beat of the drums and gorgeous guitar playing, this song is simply euphonic.

The angelic ‘evelyn’ closely follows ‘laundry detergent’ on the EP. Compared to the 2 songs before it, it is slightly slower-paced and softer in tone, however, by no means should you discredit it because of this. This song is rich in sweet-sounding harmonies and meaningful and emotive lyrics, and is a personal favourite of mine from the EP. Like ‘it’s been a while’ and ‘laundry detergent’, it also has its own music video that is available to watch on Lexie’s YouTube channel.

The EP is brought to a close by 3 powerful songs. ‘if you were a ghost’ is a beautiful song full of passion and more of Lexie’s golden harmonies. This song is a prime example of the emotion and power that Lexie Carroll can portray in her voice. ‘we never made it to glasgow’ is another song on the EP that has its own music video, being released on Lexie’s YouTube channel the same day as the EP release. It is ridiculously catchy with a rhythmic beat that will keep your feet tapping all day long. The final track on ‘you look Lovely When You’re Living’ is ‘florist’. This song is slower paced than ‘we never made it to glasgow’, being more similar to ‘if you were a ghost’ and ‘evelyn’, and it is slightly softer in tone. It perfectly draws the EP to a close by once again showcasing Lexie’s beautiful voice and meaningful lyricism.

With the immense amount of talent and passion that has been shown throughout her entire career so far, and from the release of ‘you look lovely when you’re living’, there is no doubt that the future is bright for Lexie Carroll. I look forward to seeing what comes next from the young artist! If you’d like to experience the wondrous and heartwarming atmosphere of her music for yourself, then be sure to catch her on her first headline tour from the 29th November to the 8th December. Tickets for the You Look Lovely When You’re Living Tour are on sale now!



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