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Wasia Project - Creating a new sound, live at Heaven

The streets of London are bustling with excitement as the dedicated fanbase eagerly queues up for Wasia Project's final headline show of the UK tour on the 28th of February, held at Heaven and Sonic Hub was there to bear witness.

Opener Rubii exudes a groovy, chill persona that immediately puts the crowd at ease. Her sounds fit seamlessly as an opener, an extension of the clear influences of Wasia's personal style. The Birmingham native's UK R&B sultry sound echoes, with the song ‘Jammin‘ being a personal highlight.

As Wasia takes the stage, they kick off with ‘Petals on the Moon,‘ their 2023 single that has everyone moving. The clear jazz influence infused with pop, R&B, and classical music makes the duo's sound uniquely theirs and captivating to younger audiences as a stepping stone to different genres.

Fans immerse themselves in the new song, which the group reveals is part of their upcoming EP. Songs like ‘U Deserve,‘ ‘Remember When,‘ and ‘My Vine‘ are lovingly mentioned by members of the fandom, who excitedly want to see those lives, and Wasia delivers tenfold. Their most popular song ‘ur so pretty‘ becomes the tear-jerker moment of the evening and the song many came for.

The siblings are lovers of music at their core. Their cover of Candi Station's 1976 song ‘Young Hearts‘ in their style has a majority Gen-Z crowd cheering and screaming at the top of their lungs for a song written before their time. During ‘Misfit Biscuit,‘ the song where Will has most of the vocal parts, all members of the band and Olivia dance around the stage, showcasing how fun the tour must have been.

Olivia's high energy throughout the set is notable. In her conductor-like manner, she manages to bring the crowd to an enthusiastic bop for the dynamic songs and complete silent attentiveness for the mellow ones. She commands the audience and is built to be a frontwoman. Her interaction with the fans is magnetic, and it's hard to keep your eyes off the bonafide star. Will Gao stands on the side with his piano, wearing a look and knowing smile that almost silently indicates a feeling of pride for his sister and the work they have built together.

The band, composed of Safiya, Tom, Luca and Patrick, seamlessly completes the melodies and lyrics done by the duo, accomplishing a fully immersive experience that transports anyone hearing the song to the world the six created. During their time on stage, the audience is transcended.

Ending with the banger ‘impossible,‘ the enthralling duo finishes their UK tour and sets off to Europe and the US, supporting Tom Odell and Laufey, respectively. Don't miss out on seeing them if you have the chance. They are ones to watch as they will for sure take over the UK scene and beyond.

Listen to Wasia Project's current discography here.



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