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Viji - Embarking on a journey, live at Electric Ballroom

Sonic Hub catches up with Viji at the Electric Ballroom, London, in the midst of the artist’s sold-out UK Tour, as Citizen’s support act – 8th Feb 2024.


“Bedroom rock, bedroom pop, some punk,“ is how the ‘Sedative’ singer describes her sound as we catch up at the end of the show, and we couldn’t agree more.

In the midst of her supporting tour, Viji lights up the stage with soft guitar riffs, accompanied by a confident and cohesive band, attuned to their sound, managing to capture the devoted attention (and cheers) of an unfamiliar crowd – a difficult feat in itself.

Viji’s vocals are strong and cohesive, flowing beautifully. From ‘Sharks,’ a belty poignant song with visceral lyrics, to ‘Ambien,’ a melancholic ballad, the artist presents us with her eclectic range, transforming the set into a well-balanced showcase of sounds for the audience to take in. As front woman, Viji is unapologetic and owns the stage as if it were her own headline show, confidently strutting around the amps, getting down on the floor, and moving closer to the crowd; ultimately taking up the space that is rightfully hers.

Albeit mellow, the set is enjoyable, with ‘Down,’ the artist’s 2023 single about the ever-present struggle of tapping into your creative potential, standing out as the perfect blowout song to finish the set, including the invaluable help of the band’s bassist, who amplifies the song with haunting backing vocals. Backstage, Viji concurs by telling us that ‘Down’ is her favourite song to perform. She describes it as having “a homecoming energy [...] with softer and heavier sections which describes my music best.” As the final song performed, it perfectly encapsulates Viji’s identity as an artist.


Viji’s set was a captivating experience, showcasing the artist’s unique sound and the latter. From start to finish, the audience was captivated by the flowing sounds and energy emanating from the stage, leaving a lasting impression on the large crowd that showed up early to catch the set.

Listen to her debut album, ‘So Vanilla’ here.




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