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Nieve Ella - A Night of Indie Bliss, live at Les Etoiles Theatre

Nieve Ella and opener Flora Rose take the stage in Paris for a night fans won't soon forget. As the lights fade out in the 500-capacity venue, Flora Rose steps out on stage with her guitarist to start the night off. The musician captivates the crowd with her silky smooth voice and synth-pop melodies. Seeing the singer step out with boosting confidence, it’s easy to forget that it is only her second time performing live. Quite a handful are present not just to see Nieve Ella, but are as enthusiastically await to see Flora. One of them even organized a fan project, printing hundreds of papers brandishing the words we love you Flora, another one made her own stickers to promote the artist, handing them out to the people in the queue.

As the first notes of Big Houseecho, the room fills with fans singing along within seconds. The lyrics of the song that addresses growing older with a significant other and imagining what a future together would look like, runs through the room. A consistent warmth in Nieve’s songs, from upbeat pop rock to slower heart-aching songs, serves to wrap her listeners around like a comforting embrace. Accompanied by Fran Larkin on the bass, Finn Marlow on the guitar, Matt Garnett on the drums and herself on the guitar, Nieve is well surrounded while she rocks the stage. Often playing and dancing while grinning at Fran, the singer shares a special intimacy with her band which translates onstage.

Throughout the evening, Nieve and her band play a mix of her released songs such as her latest single The Things We Say, some covers and two unreleased songs that the crowd already knows every word to. The Ganni Top Song, an unreleased rock anthem with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, which Nieve uploaded the first minute to on her socials a few weeks before her Europe tour, grabbed fan attention as they screamed the lyrics euphorically. The singer also connects with her crowd by sharing stories about the songs, letting the fans express themselves to her freely. The artist aims to make her concerts a safe space, making sure everyone is safe in a hot venue, and showing her genuine concern for those who support her. 

As the night comes to an end, the band performs Nieve’s first-ever release Girlfriend which is followed by a thunder of acclamation, the crowd still itching for more of the night's effervescent energy, throw flowers on the stage as a thank you to the band. The singer professes her gratitude after her three sold-out shows in Europe, thanking fans, her band and everyone who brought the show to life. Nieve Ella is set out to soundtrack the life of her generation, and an already dedicated fanbase is ready for the next steps of her journey on and off stage.




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