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Griff - A night of dancing, strong emotions and a new lyrical chapter

Cxloe and her drummer Daryl Chin, warm up the stage with a captivating mix of alternative songs that promptly got attendees hyped for the set. The fan favourite, ‘Chloe Enough!‘, masterfully captivated the audience, demonstrating how the personal lyrics make Cxloe’s music extremely relatable.

Following the 2017 release of her debut single ‘Tough Love‘, Cxloe showcased immense growth in her multiple projects since then, displaying endearing charisma. Her debut album, ‘Shiny New Thing‘, out May 17th is bound to gather a crowd with songs like her latest single ‘No Service‘, a vulnerable song with silky smooth melodies that shows the singer's unique approach and sound.


The crowd roars as Griff comes on, appearing in an ethereal white feathered dress. Interacting with the set design, she takes on a ladder and spray paints the city she’s playing in each night. The set starts with the pop hit ‘Black Hole‘ that gets the crowd dancing and screaming the known lyrics within seconds, the chorus sounding like a choir of passionate singers making the venue filled with emotion as the hundreds of fans sing along to the heartbreak song.

Throughout the performance, Griff debuts a few unreleased songs from her upcoming EP; ‘Hole In My Pocket‘, ‘Pillow In My Arms‘ and ‘Cycles‘. The musicians describes it as equally heartbreaking but more energetic than her 2023 release ‘vert1go vol.1‘.

The song ‘Cycles‘ stands out as Griff mentions it’s more upbeat and dynamic than anything she’s done before, the song made alongside Mura Masa which is known for electronic hits. The first few lyrics start slow then the song bursts with colours and the crowd happily dances to the unreleased song.

Griff dials down the hype for the last song of the night, ‘Astronaut‘, in which she gets down to sing lovingly to a fan while holding their hand. As the crowd sings in unison “you said that you needed space, then go on an astronaut”, the heavy weight of the night's lyrics seem to dissipate from the room. The song ties together the show with Griff’s signature vulnerable songs.

The hour and a half set brings to life Griff’s melodic world. Through songs her audience know and adore and unreleased tunes the crowd listen to attentively, she is able to hold everyone’s attention in her hand as she delivers an emotionally charged performance while owning the stage in her movements.

Stay tuned for the release of the singer's next project.



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