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Ethel Cain - the must see artist of a generation, Live at The Roundhouse

Ethel Cain comes back to the roundhouse for a second sold out show in one of London’s most iconic venues. The singer swiftly marks her presence on stage with haunting instrumentals soundtracking her arrival on stage to the sound of 1900 people cheering for her. Through the past year, Ethel Cain has rapidly made her name appear everywhere, from supporting Boygenius on their UK shows to performing at some of the biggest festivals, such as Reading & Leeds. This 2024 headline tour marks the transition from Cain’s debut album Preacher’s Daughter (2022) as she incorporates three new songs into her set and talks about her next project. 

Ethel Cain knows how to put on a well rounded show with each song having a special moment in the spotlight, from walking down into the crowd during her biggest hits ‘Crush‘ and ‘American Teenager‘ to singing directly with the fans, to performing her more sultry and moody tracks such as ‘Gibson Girl‘ and unreleased song ‘Punish‘ which has people’s attention locked into her every move and word.

An unexpected moment comes during the encore when Ethel covers Kim Carnes ‘Bette Davis Eyes‘, a more upbeat twist to the singers majority of songs but she delivers the song with innate energy, blending its ending with ‘American Teenager‘, the singer’s most known song which also happens to have a more electronic pop sound, finishing the show on a high.

Ethel Cain keeps proving herself to be one of the most unique and innovative artists of recent years. With her persona of ‘Ethel Cain‘ having a story which the singer claims is “gonna be a lifetime of work“, we are bound to see different sides of Cain's capabilities in blending genres and bending the mainstream norms with her love for 7 minute long songs.

Make sure you catch her set at Mitski’s All Points East concert in London on August 18th.




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