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Essence Martins - Embracing softness, live at Koko

We meet up with Essence Martins at Koko, one of our favourite venues, as she sets up to go on stage as one of Rachel Chinouriri's support acts – 6th March 2024.

With an ethereal sound that resonates deeply with fans of the indie-folk pop genre, Essence's voice is truly captivating. Defying expectations and extending the understanding on what black musicians can do, the introspective, self-aware and vulnerable nature of her lyrics is sure to make an extremely emotionally-conscious generation connect with her.

A very special moment comes as ‘Wandering Souls,‘ a song that elicits heartfelt reactions, evident in the tear-stained cheeks of some audience members.

Throughout her set, she effortlessly commands attention, particularly during the fan favourite ‘Like a Fool,‘ where attendees eagerly join in singing the lyrics back to the musician. With a shy demeanour, she presents the songs and the attentive crowd listens to every word.

It was clear that the crowd related to the musician on stage, almost like she was an extension of their tight knit fandom, giggling as she admits to having bought her own ticket for the concert before being announced as one of the openers. The charming candidness funnels to her songs and for many, including Martins, the highlight of the set is ‘Brussel Sprouts.‘ This poignant song beautifully captures the essence of platonic love, evoking smiles and fond memories shared with friends and loved ones.

The seamless harmonies between Essence and her band, consisting of backing vocalists Allyson and Haydn, along with guitarist Anna Clare, create an unbelievable chemistry that adds a layer of depth and richness to her performance.

For those eager to experience Essence's enchanting presence live, mark your calendars for her headline show on April 17th. Tickets are available here, with what is surely a promising evening of unforgettable music.

Listen to Essence's current discography here.



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