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Dirt Flirt - Intimate Brilliance, live at Tooting Tram

Dirt Flirt, led by the charismatic Kit, took centre stage at Tooting Tram & Social, igniting the atmosphere with their unique take on ‘queer pop music‘. As the inaugural act among a lineup of five, Dirt Flirt commanded the attention of a lively audience, who eagerly awaited the musical journey about to unfold. The venue's allure was undeniable, with patrons engaged in animated conversations while bands meticulously sound-checked for their sets. The venue's ambience was an expansive yet intimate layout, complemented by captivating lighting in hues of blues and greens. Meeting Kit and their band, after following their TikTok journey for months, only heightened the anticipation.

Dirt Flirt's performance was a whirlwind of energy and intensity, as they effortlessly connected with the crowd, encouraging participation and even descending from the stage to engage directly with listeners. Although the set primarily comprised unreleased tracks, except the crowd favourite ‘Diesel Skirt,‘ available on all streaming platforms. Attendees were enraptured, dancing along to each new revelation.

Noteworthy moments included ‘Bite Down,‘ where Kit orchestrated a synchronized hand gesture with the audience, and the aforementioned ‘Diesel Skirt,‘ which elicited a communal sing-along, etching a lasting memory for all present. Despite admitting the feeling of pre-show jitters, Kit's stage presence exuded a natural ease, seamlessly navigating the space and fostering a palpable connection with the audience.

The band's cohesion was evident, as they exuded a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment throughout the performance.

Kit's adeptness at audience interaction was evident, seamlessly integrating storytelling moments, such as the genesis of their debut single ‘Diesel Skirt,‘ which elicited both laughter and enthusiasm from the crowd. As the familiar strains of the previously released track reverberated through the venue, attendees joined in singing and dancing, a testament to Dirt Flirt's growing popularity.

Dirt Flirt's performance was a testament to their unique talent and artistic vision. With a repertoire primarily composed of unreleased gems, their set offered a glimpse into the future of ‘queer pop music‘. For those seeking a refreshing blend of pop and alternative sounds, Dirt Flirt emerges as a compelling addition to the musical landscape, sure to resonate with a diverse audience.

Keep an eye out for Dirt Flirt on all socials and streaming platforms—they're destined for great things.



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