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'Bad Love God' by Hope Tala - Song Review

Hope Tala’s new song ‘Bad Love God’ was released last Friday, the 28th, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

The West London musician shared she wrote this song “on a hot summer’s day“ and the feeling definitely transpired. Its groovy instrumental, started off with a simple bass you can’t help but move your head to, immediately transports you to a hot summer night around a fire pit, camp style, singing with friends. This natural, R&B-like instrument is the perfect match for Hope Tala’s soft-low, breathy tone. Tala once again shows her range as a vocalist with delicate vocals that add to the fullness of the song.

Tala described ‘Bad Love God’ as a “dramatic tale inspired by the grip of having a new romantic obsession“. The song reads like a story everyone knows all too well. It describes the simultaneous excitement and downward spiral that is having a crush. Starting with the denial of having a new crush, battling her feelings until they erupt in the inevitability of not being able to fight them. The fiddle between spoken word and singing allows for closeness with Tala, as if the listener is a best friend listening to her frustrations, while simultaneously creating a space for the listener to relate.

Tala released ‘I Can’t Even Cry’ early this year, and together with ‘Bad Love God’, this feels like the perfect mix for this UK summer, warm, groovy and cloudy at times, but still enjoyable. The West London artist’s sense of self and creative self-awareness is translucent. The single feels very familiar and in pair with Tala’s previous work while also showing her clear growth as a musician. This feels like a new era for Hope Tala, and we are very excited to see what she comes up with next.

‘Bad Love God’ is now out on every music platform. You can hear it here.




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