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Baby Queen's bedroom sessions - A reflective love letter to her twenties and her community

In a record store in East London, a crowd pulsating with anticipation met up with Baby Queen as she recounted the journey of writing her debut album. The making of ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘, it turns out, was a real struggle, but extremely fulfilling. Bella dished on how every song is a unique story, a deep dive into her quarter-life musings, and is very candid in conversation with fans about the meaning of the songs.

Obvious‘ and ‘Grow Up‘ are the tear-jerkers of the album, showcasing Baby Queen's lyrical and vocal ability. It was literally impossible not the cry and the energy seemed to echo in the room. The artist couldn't help but banter with fans who laughed while cleaning their wet cheeks. These tracks dive deep into the messy journey of growing up, dealing with loss, and the feeling of others moving on without you while ‘Kid Genius‘, showers the crowd with wording about hungering for success and validation.

The established fan favourite ‘Dream Girl‘ had the crowd hooked and changing, a testament to the immersive experience that a Baby Queen show is. Bella understands her audience like she's been inside their minds, blending gut-punching lyrics with melodies that make you laugh, cry and want to dance away the pain.

The album's namesake single, ‘Quarter Life Crisis‘, once again puts emphasis on the relatability that Baby Queen is now synonymous with. The song is a sonic explosion, a declaration of constant resilience, whilst feeling misunderstood and lost in a world that often feels pointless. Fans are vibing with the relatability, mentioning how Bella's lyrics make them feel seen, heard, and less alone in the chaos of their own quarter-life crisis.

When asked to describe Bella's music to people who don't know about her, fans unanimously mention how upbeat, raw and gut-punching the lyricist can be. “I would say raw and unfiltered because she's not really scared of like, saying whatever and whatever she feels, she doesn't hold back“, said Reb, one of the co-owners of Baby Queen HQ.

The bedroom sessions felt different than normal shows for the artist, who rejoiced at the fact that fans truly connected with the soul-baring work, listening with intent. It's not just about the beats; it's about feeling the lyrics in your bones.

After the show, fans lingered, eager to meet the queen and talk with the artist and she didn’t disappoint, taking the time with her fandom, making everyone feel connected. The dedicated fanbase was buzzing, showering the singer with love and thanking her for her ability to turn emotions into anthems, as well as her work ethic and devotion.

The lyrics hit home and aid in the feeling of growing up with an artist you love.

The album finally got released last week and fans finally got to hear the bangers they grew to love during the bedroom sessions and a few tour dates. Catch Bella at her biggest headline show to date, a show at O2 Kentish Town.



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Morgan Carson
Morgan Carson
Nov 14, 2023

another banger from the sonic hub!

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