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Alessi Rose - The Pop Princess Rise, live at St. Pancras Old Church

As the sun sets outside St Pancras Old Church, inside the intimate venue, a night of exciting new music begins. Josie Oliver walks onstage guitar in hand in the dimly lit church, ready to play soft acoustic-led songs to a beaming crowd.

Alessi runs on stage in her signature dainty pastel garments, a frilly tunique with dainty shorts, black Mary Janes and a veil to match. The singer’s music and fashion sense often intertwine, also creating a certain look for her fans who love to match her coquette style. Her witty lyrics and strong voice are also reflected in this way; Alessi knows who she is and that is exactly what she shows to her audience. 

The nine-song-long set sees Alessi owning her space while singing her released songs, accompanied by some tunes that she has been teasing on social media, and a very special cover of the hit queer pop anthem ‘Pink Pony Club‘ by Chappell Roan. 

The set starts with the singer’s first release ‘say ur mine‘, a vulnerable song about imagining a life with a love interest of which the intensity isn’t reciprocated. A few songs in, she dances around the stage singing her latest release ‘break me‘ which fans had been anticipating for weeks prior. The song is a perfect introduction to Alessi Rose, smooth jazzy verses with punchy lyrics that are bound to haunt your mind while showcasing the singer’s growing vocal performance. 

A few unreleased songs are performed, notably ‘crush‘ a fast-paced pop hit, and ‘lucy‘ which shows another side to the singer, a slower intimate love song that has the crowd in awe. The surprise of the night is a cover of one of Alessi’s favorite singers whom she is always showing adoration for online, ‘pink pony club‘ by Chappell Roan. Alessi delivers her rendition beautifully, with a powerful vocal showcase, and the fans enjoy every minute. Some fans give the artist a lesbian flag that she parades around during the song, making a safe space for her mainly queer fanbase. 

The night comes to an end with ‘eat me alive‘, Alessi’s biggest hit to date, only released a few months prior but gaining a lot of recognition online. The guitar-led pop anthem has the fans and the singer letting out their last dance moves to the song about infatuation before Alessi leaves the stage to acclamation from the crowd. 

One thing is for sure, Alessi Rose is only going to get bigger and better. The singer already paves her way with a unique and recognizable sound, and her dedicated fans will make sure you know her name. Following this evening, the singer opened for Fletcher in London, for two sold-out nights at the Eventim Apollo and that surely aided in introducing her to an even bigger audience. Keep an eye out for Alessi's guaranteed rise.




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