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Aidan Reid - Crafting Dreamy Pop Realities

London-based South African musician Aidan Reid is making waves with his dreamy pop sound, drawing influences from Lorde's conceptual world-building to the raw lyricism of R&B. Aidan's musical journey began with a passion for writing “I think I've always loved the process of writing,“ he shares. Their love for music, piano, and singing led to a seamless blend and ultimately created a unique dreamy pop sound. In a recent interview a the epicentre of the London artistic scene, they opened up about their creative process, inspirations and upcoming projects.

In an era where social media plays a pivotal role in every artist's career, Aidan embraces it. While some prefer the old-school way of promoting music, he finds joy in the digital process of self-promotion. “It is what you make it, and it can be quite fun if you don't think of it as a chore,“ they note.

Aidan gravitates towards conceptual musicians who create fantasy worlds within their music. Lorde's ' Melodrama' stands out as a favourite album, exemplifying the perfect fusion of themes, colours, and concepts. Growing up as a big Tumblr user, Aidan's personality drew inspiration from artists like Sky Ferreira, The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys. He vividly describes his love for the aesthetic of that era, mentioning that it heavily influences his visual style today. “Tumblr was like the highlight of my life.“ Taylor Swift's ' folklore' also appears as a current source of inspiration for the self proclaimed Swiftie.

Discussing his songwriting process, Aidan delves into tracks like ' Winona Ryder' and 'Asteroid'. The former channels the mid-2010's indie pop sound, paying homage to goth bisexual girlies that channeled the energy of the song's namesake, while the latter explores the complexities of relationships and self-worth. Writing about negative experiences, he believes, is a therapeutic and healing process. “You can feel in a good place when listening to like, sad music.

Despite initially being cautious, Aidan emphasises the beauty of collaboration and community in the music industry. He sees co-writing as a vulnerable yet rewarding experience, creating intense but special connections which they compare to a one-night stand. Over the years, their creative process has evolved, breaking free from the conventional rulebook. Life experiences have shaped his songwriting, and he has embraced experimentation. These aspects of songwriting can often be overlooked and not understood by fans and it is important for artists to shed light on the complexities of their craft.

Reflecting on their journey, Aidan shares the importance of overcoming second-hand embarrassment and fear of judgment. He encourages artists to embrace vulnerability and not be afraid to put themselves out there, “you will find that demographic that is your demographic, and you will find people that appreciate and are impressed by what you do.“ Looking ahead, he envisions working on his artist project, releasing singles, EPs, and albums, all while continuing to collaborate and create art. Aidan teases upcoming music and performances, urging all to stay tuned for a new release in the coming weeks. He promises a continuation of the droplet singles attached to larger projects. The scene eagerly awaits the next chapter of Aidan Reid's musical journey.

You can find Aidan on Instagram and Tiktok.




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