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Abby Sage - Fascinating Intimate Performance, Live at La Botanique

A warm spring evening is the perfect time to catch Abby Sage’s intimate gig down in Witloof Bar, at La Botanique, Brussels.

At 8:30 sharp the singer steps onto the dimly lit stage at the centre of this basement venue. Abby closes her eyes and listens attentively to the start of her first song led by her musicians, before she starts singing. As she sets off for an hour-long set, the first few songs introduce the audience to her sound, captivating the crowd with her hauntingly sweet voice.

In the middle of the set, Abby grabs a guitar to introduce the song ‘Hunger’, a raw telling of sex and finding comfort in self-pleasure as a way to explore her sexuality. While introducing the song she says “This song is about sex. I had no clue it was pride in Brussels today, but I'm gay so happy pride“, to which the crowd responds with laughter and claps. 

The audience is made up of various groups of people, mainly young adults but also adult couples and parents with their children. Abby Sage’s music can be appreciated by anyone. 

Sage’s passion for music and performing is so well transmitted in the way she interacts with her audience. The Toronto-raised musician analyses and sings directly to the crowd, embracing every single member of the audience. It is clear she feels connected to everyone who enjoys her art. Even though a lot of her songs are on the softer side, she lets the music guide her, immersing herself, swaying and moving around the small stage, as if delivering the music through her body and not just her voice.

The show comes to an end with the singer performing her most popular song ‘Backwards Directions’ from her 2022 EP ‘The Florist‘. The crowd sings along and dances to the guitar-led, more buoyant song, which leaves people on high from the angelic melodies.

As Abby is in the middle of a run of shows across Europe and the UK to showcase her latest album ‘The Rot‘, you are bound to see her name somewhere. With an indie heart, hypnotic melodies and a poetic sense of lyricism, it’s safe to say you will love her as much as we do.




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